The 12th International Symposium on Biological Monitoring in Occupational and Environmental Health (ISBM-12), Next Generation Biomonitoring, took place in Porto, Portugal, from the 21th to 23th of June. This Congress was all about a multidisciplinary and holistic view of the latest developments in the Human Biomonitoring (HBM) sciences, bringing together world’s leading scientists, experts, and students. State of the art developments in different topics of HBM (e.g., biomarkers, risk assessment, and regulation), new methodologies and developing expertise were covered in different presentation formats (keynote lectures, oral and poster sessions).

SPRINT was nicely represented at the ISBM-12 symposium by several consortium members (Hans Mol, Paul Scheepers and Nina Wieland). Nina Wieland gave a talk in the session "the never ending story of pesticides" entitled: "Human biomonitoring of pesticides in ten European countries and Argentina - preliminary results from the SPRINT study". In her presentation she focussed on the field study of SPRINT and explored pesticide content in blood of Farmers, Neighbours and Consumers. With her presentation she won the Best Oral Communication Award, out of more than 60 presentations. 

We would like to congratulate Nina on behalf of the whole consortium with this great achievement!