The online show Food For Thought, discusses the impact of our food chain on soil health and biodiversity. When it comes to food health, we are usually talking about the health of ourselves, the consumer. Often disregarding the health of soil and environment, while it also directly and indirectly affects our health. In short, if we take good care of the soil, the soil also takes good care of us.

Soil ecologist Paula Harkes - from Wageningen University - was invited to talk about the SPRINT project. A project about the influence of pesticides on human, plant, animal and environmental health. "It is too easy and also not working when you state that crop protection products have to be cut by 50%, without doing anything else. We have to find tools, based on scientific measurements, to farmers and consumers to be able to make a transition towards more sustainable use of pesticides together" You can view the episode below. SPRINT is the first item adressed (in Dutch).