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Our SPRINT project partners are keen to ensure that we achieve a good gender balance amongst our participants and researchers. To investigate whether we have been successful, we undertook an online gender survey. We had 84 responses to this and we are pleased to share the results. 

Gender balance within the SPRINT project

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Awareness of gender within the SPRINT project


Overall, we found that engagement with gender exists across SPRINT, though a joint effort is needed for it to flourish. The survey shows that a substantial number of SPRINT participants are fully engaged in the project’s commitment to fostering gender equality. A joint effort is needed to ensure ALL actively support and collaborate to reach the commitments and to enable to expand on the existing gender + capacity. You can check out further infographics or read the full gender report here

Survey lead: Margreet van der Burg and Irina Herb, in cooperation with the other committee members: Ana Frelih-Larsen, Matthew Reed, Jane Mills, Cristine Bigler and with support from Vera Felix da Graca Silva. Contact: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.