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The video recording of the SPRINT presentations at the UN General Assembly Science Summit in New York on 27th September 2023 is now available to view on our YouTube channel here. The ten presentations in this session provide an overview of the preliminary results from the pesticide residue monitoring campaign. The individual presentations are listed below and accessible by clicking on the timestamps:

00:34 Violette Geissen - Pesticide residues with hazard classifications onminpresent in European environment and farmer residences

17:09 Abdallah Alloui - How is exposure to pesticides affecting plant, animal and human health? An assessment in Europe and Argentina

31:04 Daniel Figueiredo - Linking pesticide residues in indoor dust to human exposure of residents living close to conventional and organic farming

43:32 Hans Mol - Pesticides in human urine and feces: human biomonitoring to assess internal exposure to pesticides

59:25 Maaike Gerritse - Pesticides and gut health: influence on gut microbiome composition and negative impact on cells lining the gut

01:25:24 Freya Debler - Pesticide exposure by air at two agricultural sites in europe

01:35:28 Dirk Goossens - Pesticide transport by wind in sediment originating from agricultural fields

01:55:36 Peter Fantke - Human and ecological impacts of pesticides over their life cycle

02:11:53 Kayode Jegede - Risk of pesticide mixtures in the terrestrial ecosystem: effects on earthworms, springtails and bees

02:26:58 Nelson Abrantes - Impacts of realistic pesticide mixtures on freshwater ecosystems