sprint soil experiments

Agricultural pesticides are often applied on or close to soils. As a result, pesticide residues are often present in soils to varying extents. This makes it important to build an understanding of how these residues may affect the health of both the soil and the species that live within it. Understanding how pesticides affect the health of soil-dwelling organisms is of great importance to us here at SPRINT and is one of our key areas of research.  

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SPRINT has been showcased within a special issue digital magazine which presents the important agricultural research being carried out by Wageningen University and Research. The article explains why pesticide research is so important before introducing the SPRINT project, which is investigating the environmental and human health implications of agricultural pesticide use. 

 Would you like to learn more about SPRINT? Here is our animated video introducing the project:

We are pleased to share two new videos from the SPRINT project, filmed during our recent plenary meeting.

In the first video, Ana Cehic Maric explains why her family farm continues to rely on pesticides as they ensure good yields. Meanwhile, in our second video, Michael and Jolanta Pavlovic discuss how and why they decided to become an organic olive grove. 

Click on the thumbnails below to access the videos. 

Croatia olive groves

 Čehić family farm, Croatia

Oma Jola Olive grovesmall

Oma Jola's olive oil farm, Croatia

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Our SPRINT project partners are keen to ensure that we achieve a good gender balance amongst our participants and researchers. To investigate whether we have been successful, we undertook an online gender survey. We had 84 responses to this and we are pleased to share the results.