6.1 factsheet

A new factsheet from SPRINT summarises the key findings from Peter Fantke and team's project report considering the life-cycle sustainability of pesticides, looking beyond the direct effects their active ingredients have when applied to fields. The impacts of resource extraction, manufacturing, application, and waste management of pesticides and their packaging were assessed, and the results compared against alternative approaches to plant protection.

Indoor dust factsheet

Striking findings from Irene Navarro and her team on pesticide concentrations in indoor dust collected from rural households have been taken from the original paper and made into an accessible new summary factsheet

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Knuth et al 2024

We have produced a new summary factsheet based on a new paper led by our PhD researcher, Dennis Knuth, entitled 'Pesticide residues in organic and conventional agricultural soils across Europe: measured and predicted concentrations'. 

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Copy of 71 factsheet

Dr Vera Silva of the SPRINT project recently presented at an event hosted by Pesticide Action Network Europe (PAN Europe) and the European Environmental Bureau (EEB), 'Rooting for healthy soils in Europe'. She presented some of our soil-related findings before participating in a panel discussion. Download the slides here.




We were recently delighted to hear that Bruno Dujardin from the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) referred to SPRINT during his presentation at the recent 41st International Conference on Environmental & Food Monitoring in Amsterdam. He recognised our project as one of many research efforts assessing the risks of mixing chemicals outside of EFSA.