Are you looking for a PhD position in the field of  pesticide mixtures on terrestrial and aquatic ecosystem health? Then this might be an oppurtunity for you! 

Under the scope of the European Project – SPRINT ( ), the main objective is to assess the effects of PPP mixtures on the ecosystem health. Based on more realistic scenarios, the specific objectives of this proposal are: (i) to evaluate the ecotoxicological effects of PPP mixtures found in distinct crop systems across Europe on native terrestrial and aquatic species; (ii) to assess the extent to which the terrestrial and aquatic ecosystems retain their natural function and so have the capacity to deliver a range of services. 

The PhD position will be in The Centre for Environmental and Marine Studies (CESAM) - Portugal

Our SPRINT partner - Radboud University Medical Center - has opened up an interesting vacancy for a motivated Ph.D. candidate!


Do you have an MSc in chemistry, biomedical sciences, environmental sciences or comparable ‘life or natural science’ field with an interest in kinetic modeling in the context of pharmacology and toxicology studies and risk assessment. Are you interested in contributing to the development of pesticide exposure estimates in humans and farm animals by developing and applying physiology-based biokinetic (PBK) models? Then don't hesitate any longer and apply for this PhD position.

Are you a hardworking, motivated, and creative scientist that acquired an Msc in bio- or geosciences, chemistry, environmental science or a similar direction? Do you have experimental skills and a strong academic interest? The you may be the ideal candidate for this project!

Farmers rely on Plant Protection Products (PPPs) to maximize their yields. However, some PPPs are potentially harmful to environmental, plant, animal and human health. Data on the risks and impacts associated with PPPs' is, at present, scarce and fragmented. Therefore a need exists to deliver an integrated approach to fill this research gap. SPRINT seeks to develop a Global Health Risk Assessment Toolbox to assess impacts of PPPs on ecosystem, crop, livestock and human (EPAH) health. The focus within this PhD is to study soils as a sink and source of pesticide residues in the terrestrial ecosystem – an EU assessment.      vacancy3

Do you have experience with stakeholder assessment and organizing workshops? Do you have a strong research interest in pesticides and their implication on health? Do you have an enthusiastic and highly-motivated attitude? Then the University of Bern might be looking for you! 

RECETOX focuses on interdisciplinary research and education in the area of Environment & Health, studying toxic compounds and their behavior, transport & bioaccumulation to evaluate environmental effects, assess the exposure and health risks to humans, and develop technologies and biotechnologies to break them down.


Research topic and job description

To the research group of Soil environmental chemistry and toxicology , we are searching for talented, highly motivated scientist for the research topic “soil ecotoxicity of pesticide mixtures”. The prospective scientist will investigate ecotoxicity of relevant mixtures of pesticides on soil biota (mainly springtails and microbial activities) and plants in standard laboratory bioassays and soil microcosm studies with earthworms and plants (effects and bioaccumulation).

Inquiries about the position and research topic can be sent to prof. Jakub Hofman, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


The position is open within the international collaborative H2020 project SPRINT, with the main aim to develop a Global Health Risk Assessment Toolbox to assess impacts of plant protection products (PPP) on ecosystem, plant, animal and human (EPAH) health. More information about project, its partners and other is here: