What is SPRINT?

Farmers rely on Plant Protection Products (PPPs) to maximise their yields. However, some PPPs are potentially harmful to environmental, plant, animal and human health. Data on the risks and impacts associated with PPPs' is, at present, scarces and fragmented. There is a need to deliver an integrated approach to fill this research gap. SPRINT aims to develop a Global Health Risk Assessment Toolbox to assess impacts of PPPs on ecosystem, crop, livestock and human (EPAH) health.The project will also accelerate the transition towards more sustainable PPP use.

More information can be found in our project leaflets (see below) and our overview poster.  

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SPRINT is based on a multi-actor approach to engage stakeholders and identify needs, improving farmer and citizen awareness, joint development of novel strategies for reduced reliance on PPP use. SPRINT consists of 9 interlinked work packages. The distribution and the impacts of PPP on environmental, plant, animal and human health will be evaluated at 10 EU case study sites (CSS) and one CSS in Argentina.


Project objectives

  • Develop, test, validate and deliver a Global Health Risk Assessment Toolbox for the integrated assessment of the impacts of pesticides on terrestrial and aquatic ecosystems as well as on plant, animal and human health. Three main attributes for health status will be examined: resilience, reproduction/productivity and manifestation of diseases.
  • Harmonise data collection approaches across Europe and collect the critical data needed to inform integrated approaches to fully assess overall risks and impacts of pesticide formulations, residues and metabolites.
  • Assess the environmental and economic sustainability of alternative strategies to pesticide use.
  • Develop transition pathways towards more sustainable plant protection in a multi-actor approach