WU Maaike Gerritse  

Name: Maaike Gerritse

Institute: Wageningen University (Host Microbe Interactomics)

Description of PhD activities within SPRINT: I will be analysing and comparing the human microbiomes from the nasal swabs and fecal samples taken from participants at the case study sites. I will be working in the lab, extracting the DNA from these samples, and I will also perform the data analysis. Next to that, I will be working with human organoids (airways and intestines) and investigating their response to 5 different PPP compounds by analyzing differences in gene expression.



WU Dennis Knuth  

Name: Dennis Knuth

Institute: Wageningen University (Soil Physics and Land Management)

Description of PhD activities within SPRINT: I am investigating the effect of pesticides on the agricultural ecosystem. For this, I focus on the relationship between pesticide mixtures and the soil-plant microbiome, and the effects of these mixtures on earthworms.



01 Henry  

Name: Erin Henry

Institute: Wageningen University (Wildlife Ecology and Conservation / Host-Microbe Interactomics)

Description of PhD activities within SPRINT: I will be investigating the effects of pesticide mixtures on insects, focusing on honeybees and bumblebees. I will first compare the diversity and abundance of ground-dwelling and flying insects between case study sites. Then, I will assess the impacts of pesticide mixtures on the longevity, physiology, behavior, and gut microbiome of bees.



HZG Freya Debler  

Name: Freya Debler

Institute: Helmholtz-Zentrum Hereon (Coastal Environmental Chemistry)

Description of PhD activities within SPRINT:  I will analyse pesticide concentrations in air samples (particulate and gaseous phase) as well as in wind-eroded sediment from two sampling sites in Europe (The Netherlands and Portugal). The air samples are taken by high-volume samplers and wind-eroded sediments are sampled by BSNE samplers.



UH PhilippM  

Name: Philipp Mäder

Institute: Institute of Soil Science and Land Evaluation

Description of PhD activities within SPRINT: I will be evaluating the effects of plant protection products and mixtures on the soil microbiome using standardised methods. Furthermore, I will test new bioindicators for soil quality.



UCC0Rie Matsuzaki  

Name: Rie Matsuzaki

Institute: University College Cork (Neuroscience and Anatomy)

Description of PhD activities within SPRINT: I will be examining the effect of pesticides on the host's microbiome and behaviour, using mice. This will be achieved by initially exposing the animals to certain doses of pesticides followed by performing analysis on their gut microbiome and running behavioural tests (to measure anxiety-, depressive-like behaviours).




Name: Shiva Sabzevari

Institute: Masaryk University (Environment & Health )

Description of PhD activities within SPRINT: I have experience in physical and analytical chemistry and analysing pesticide residues in soil, water and crops. In SPRINT, as a part of WP5 I am cooperating in Toolbox development, specifically in terms of estimation of pesticide’s input to the environment and assessment of their ecotoxicological effects and risks. Also I will do thje assessment of pesticides’ dietary exposure in European scale in cooperation with Anke Huss her team at IRAS.