Partner 03: Universitaet Bern

Partner description

With 18,000 students and 3,000 PhD students, UBERN is the third largest university in Switzerland andWith 18,000 students and 3,000 PhD students, UBERN is the third largest university in Switzerland and was ranked 110 in the 2019 Times World University Rankings. The university’s comprehensive offerincludes 8 faculties with more than 150 institutes and 9 inter- and transdisciplinary centers of excellence.

UBERN hosts several internationally recognised research centres, such as the Centre for Development andEnvironment (CDE), the Oeschger Centre for Climate Change Research, and Bern Center for PrecisionMedicine (BCPM).

CDE is Switzerland’s centre of excellence for sustainable development. CDE conducts research andteaching with the aim to chart pathways to sustainable development and to initiate transformations in linewith the UN’s 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development. CDE hosts the secretariat of WOCAT (WorldOverview of Conservation Approaches and Technologies) and participates to several H2020 projects.


Role in the project

UBERN will lead WP2, focusing the PPPs’ distribution and health state in case study sites as well as the development and validation of an integrated diagnostic approach. UBERN is responsible for the Swiss Case study site CSS4-Switzerland. UBERN will also be strongly involved in WP4 on ecotoxicological assessment and WP6 on cost-benefit analyses.

Involved personnel

03 Alaoui

Dr. Alaoui is Senior research scientist. Over 25 year experience in soil sciences with a focus on dualporosity modelling of flow and transport in unsaturated zone; importance of soils for agriculture, forestry and ecosystem functions; modelling effects of land use and climate change on soil and water resources across scales.

Rima Mekdaschi 300x332

Dr. Mekdaschi Studer is Senior research scientist. Almost 20 year experience in research and implementation projects on sustainable land management; land degradation; natural resources monitoring; decision support; participatory processes & multi-stakeholder learning

03 Bachmann

M.A. Bachmann is Senior Research Scientist at the Center for Development and Environment (CDE) with an MA in Social Anthropology from the University of Bern in Switzerland. She has particular expertise in developing and implementing participatory methods and tools to foster transdisciplinary learning processes and co-production of knowledge at the interface of land users, researchers, civil society and policy makers. Her focus area is sustainable land management, sustainable development, socio-economic issues, and decision support.