Partner 12: Ecologic Institute gemeinnützige GmbH

Partner description

Ecologic Institute conducts inter- and transdisciplinary environmental research. In its role as a private, independent organisation, Ecologic Institute is dedicated to the preparation of relevant sociopolitical aspects of sustainability research and contributing new knowledge to environmental policy. Innovative research methods, an orientation towards practice and a transdisciplinary approach ensure scientific excellence and social relevance. Ecologic Institute covers the complete spectrum of environmental topics and contributes to the integration of environment-related issues into other political spheres. Ecologic Institute has extensive experience in the analysis and evaluation of the Common Agricultural Policy, Water Framework Directive, Sustainable Pesticide Use Directive, and other policies and legislation related to sustainable soil and plant management. The team involved has wide experience in engaging with stakeholders, facilitating
participatory events, and analysing systemic and farm level influences over farmers’ decision-making.


Role in the project

ECOLOGIC will lead WP7 on polices and global health, and will contribute to WP1 (task 1.2 and 1.3 - Stakeholder platforms and Stakeholder workshops, respectively), WP2 (task 2.5-
innovative and sustainable land management practices to reduce reliance on PPPs), WP6 (tasks 6.1-6.3 on cost-benefit analysis) and WP8 (tasks 8.2-8.4, on dissemination and exploitation activities, awareness raising and communication activities and data management).

Involved personnel

12 Frelih Larsen

Dr. Frelih-Larsen is a Senior Fellow and coordinates the Institute’s activities on agriculture and soil. She has 15 years of experience in the analysis of agricultural and land management policies and their impact and role in climate mitigation and adaptation, as well as broad experience in farmers’ decision-making
processes and uptake of agri-environment measures. 

12 Vidaurre Mr. Vidaurre is a Fellow at Ecologic Institute specializing in water policy. He has over 10 years of experience in water governance, climate change and climate change adaptation, agricultural pollution, pharmaceutical pollution, and implementation of the Water Framework Directive.
   Mrs. Riedel is is a researcher focussing on agricultural and land use policy issues. She works both in English and in German.