Partner 14: University of Ljubljana

Partner description

University of Ljubljana (UL) was established in 1919 on the foundations of a long-established pedagogical tradition. It is listed amongst the top 500 universities in the world according to the ARWU Shanghai, Times THES-QS and WEBOMETRICS rankings. University hosts over 40.000 students and over 5.700 employees and is the largest educational institution in Slovenia. The mission of the Biotechnical Faculty of UL is the creation and preservation of top knowledge in the fields of biological and biotechnical sciences and its mediation to society in the process of education and transfer of knowledge and technology into practice. Providing knowledge of biological laws, understanding the relation between the environment and society, protecting the environment and landscape, protection of the natural heritage, co-natural and sustainable use of natural resources, production and processing of high quality food and the development of contemporary technologies are permanent aims of the faculty and its first class, internationally comparable and qualified graduate.


Role in the project

UL will participate WP1, WP2, WP6 and WP7 (as the responsible for the Slovenian Case Study Site, CSS7-Central zone).

Involved personnel

14 Glavan M Dr. Matjaz Glavan is Assistant Professor in environmental planning. He is specialized in GIS systems in agriculture and catchment modelling. His research focus is on modelling spatial, economic and environmental impacts of various agricultural and environmental policies related to food and water resources provision, and achievement of nature protection goals.
14 Pinta Prof. dr. Pintar is full professor and a leading expert of agricultural land management and agrohydrology. She successfully coordinated several multidisciplinary national and international research projects besides being involved in several of them.
 Silhouet  Dr. Zupanc has 20 years of experience in agricultural land management and agrohydrology. 


14 Zvokelj


Luka Ċ½vokelj, Msc. is a researcher in Agrometeorology and Agricultural Land Management at the Department of Agronomy. Working on projects related to water holding capacity in soils, irrigation optimization, and sustainable water management practices to enhance overall farming methodologies.