Partner 21: Masaryk University

Partner description

Masaryk University is the second largest university in the Czech Republik and the most successful EU Horizon 2020 applicant, currently implementing almost 66 H2020 projects, including 3 ERC projects. About 50% of the scientific output of the whole MU (21,000 papers in last 10 years) was created in the Faculty of Science (FoS) which is a research-oriented faculty expanding the scientific knowledge and supporting the rapid transfer of innovative contributions to practice.

The Research Centre for Toxic Compounds in the Environment (RECETOX) of FoS MU focuses on the research and education in the area of Environmental sciences. It addresses interactions among chemicals, environment, and biological systems, including consequences at local, regional, and global levels. New approaches to study environmental distribution, transport, bioaccumulation, and effects of contaminants are being developed incorporating human exposure and risk assessment, pharmacokinetic modelling, or biostatics. In-house expertise for assessment of the external and internal exposures was developed and applied in the large-scale monitoring programmes. Wide range of toxicological methods and expertise for the environmental and human risks assessment and management was also established.


Role in the project

MU will co-lead WP5, health impact and risk assessment, more on the environment perspective, and has a Case study site, CSS8-Czech Republic. MU will also perform eco-toxicological assays and analysis of PPP residues. MU will be then closely involved on both WP2 & WP4, namely on task 2.3 (functions of soil microorganisms), task 4.1 (assessment of effects of PPP mixtures on terrestrial organisms), and task 4.3 (trophic transfer and bio-amplification).

Involved personnel

21 Hofman Prof. dr. Hofman is head of the Soil Environmental Chemistry and Toxicology group with >20 years of experience in soil environmental chemistry and ecotoxicology, soil monitoring, microbiology, protection and ecological risk assessment. Other relevant experiences include the coordination of teams (education manager of RECETOX) and big projects.
Silhouet dr. Radka Báčová
 Silhouet Shiva Sabzevari Msc. is a PhD student at environmental chemistry and toxicology. She has experience in physical and analytical chemistry and analysing pesticide residues in soil, water and crops.
 Korovecka Halyna  

Dr. Halyna Korovecka helps with CSS coordination. She has experience in plant physiology, namely the plant response to drought.